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Q - Can SIMPRO Flight Training provide Insurance Approved Training?

Yes! We have been approved by most insurance underwriters. If a particular insurance provider does not recognize SIMPRO Flight Training as an approved training facility, we will work with that company to satisfy their requirements. We have a 100% success rate in obtaining training approval.

Q - How do you train for my aircraft?
We train for all normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures. We then utilize your aircraft’s Pilot Operating Handbook/Manual and apply these procedures to your plane’s exact specifications. Your aircraft checklist, V-speeds, and any other material applicable to your training needs will be applied. We will also analyze accident databases related to your aircraft and teach the procedures that have resulted in safe and successful flights. This approach will help you avoid undesirable and dangerous situations.
Q - Does your instrument panel match my aircraft?
Since all aircraft are not exactly alike, it is impossible to emulate every cockpit layout. However, your aircraft’s specification data will be applied to the instrument panel. Our single and multi-engine simulators are based on the Beechcraft Baron/Bonanza instrument panel. Our King Air simulator accurately replicates the cockpit of a King Air 200. Our other training device, the Garmin 1000, is set in a Cessna 172.
Q - Will I always have the same instructor when I fly at SIMPRO?

We will extend ourselves in any capacity to meet your requirements, including your instructor preferences.


Q - How long does it take to obtain an IPC?

Attaining instrument “proficiency” is dependant on each individual. Typically a pilot with good skills who has recent experience will fulfill the Instrument Proficiency Check/Instrument Practical Test Standards in the minimum simulator time required plus ground instruction. Others may require additional instruction. Circle to land and unusual attitude maneuvers must be completed in an airplane.

Q - I would like to stay instrument current, how can I accomplish this?
We recommend flying in the simulator every other month for two hours to stay sharp in your skills. Your insurance agent will like that you’re staying current, too. Airline and corporate charter pilots do not always fly approaches to minimums between their 6 month check, but you will with the help of our instructors. We offer a smart pilot flying time and money saving program to avoid this pitfall and get you your six approaches in six months. Above all, you will never lose your instrument currency skills
Q- Why should I care about being instrument current?
Keeping instrument current is a much better idea than lapsing into an IPC. Recurrent training keeps your skills sharp and your personal confidence and abilities at a much higher level. Remaining current ultimately saves you time and money on insurance, aircraft maintenance, and pilot flight testing.
Q - Are you located on the Chicago-Aurora Airport Field?
Yes! We’re in the Big Red Hangar located to the East of the tower. Airport
Q - Can I fly my own airplane to your training center?

Yes, you can fly to the Chicago-Aurora airport and taxi over to our red hangar.


Q - Why is SIMPRO Flight Training my best choice for simulator training?

Our reasonable rates combined with our dedicated instructors and proven equipment will satisfy any training needs you may have.