ATP LR-JET, G159, CE650, HS125, MU300, BE400

I wanted to thank you again for the great training we experienced this weekend, the ground school subjects were presented very well and made sense from an operations standpoint. Although the simulator is a fixed FTD, the simulation was very real and was presented in a true professional approach to everyday flying in this aircraft.

We currently operate a Hawker 800XP and a King Air F90 swapping from one airplane to the other on a weekly basis and needed an everyday approach that would match our operation. I have attended simulator based training since the early 80s and can honestly say you rank right up there with the “big boys” in both the training and customer service.

Thanks again, we will plan on seeing you next year.


Gary Sides

Chief Pilot, Shamrock Capital Corp. Puma Air LLC

Thank you for making my recent King Air 200 Initial Training an extremely valuable and productive (non-punitive) learning experience. In addition to covering the required comprehensive ground school, re aircraft systems and emergency procedures, you prioritized simulator training, customizing the training to my specific experience with the King Air 200. Your approach kept me challenged and constantly learning, but never overloaded, thereby building my confidence in the airplane and with its systems.

Art, I am truly a better pilot with a better understanding of the aircraft after spending 4 uninterrupted days with you. You assisted me in gaining a good appreciation for the capabilities of the airplane while sharpening my instrument, scanning and interpretive skills.

I look forward to my recurrent KA-200 training in 6-12 months with you at Glass Simulator Center.

Warmest Regards,

Steven Kalmanson

Former President & Owner, Maxair, Inc.

Thank you for the training – we learned so much and really enjoyed the experience, more than you can know. Thanks, to you, we learned and re-learned things that we had plain forgotten about, and it was all very relevant and important to our flying. We look forward to a repeat visit for years to come.

Thanks, Art, so much and please keep in touch!

Stephanie and Erwin

King Air B200 Pilots

Just a note to thank you for the GNS 430-530 training course; it’s one of the best training investments I have made. I now have much more confidence using the navigator in both VMC and IMC conditions.

Your instructor was professional and kind. I felt at ease during the ground lessons as well as in the simulator. Not only did we cover all aspects of the Garmin, I was able to practice GPS techniques in the simulator which I would never try to figure out in the murk.

I have recommended this course to others and look forward to the future training endeavors with GLASS.


Vlado Lenoch


I wish to thank you for the excellent training i received at your center. The simulator was excellent, my instructor was extremely knowledgeable and I learned a great deal. The other training centers we have attended in the past have been good, but i have never enjoyed the training as much as I did at Glass Simulator Center. My company also saved quite a bit of money on tuition, not to mention fewer nights in a hotel, fewer meals, and i was only gone 2 days compared to 4 or 5 days at other centers. The materials provided were of excellent quality, the classroom was comfortable and bright, and the King Air 200 simulator functioned flawlessly. Everyone their was friendly, competent, and always made me feel like my satisfaction and training was the most important thing to them. I have talked to our director of operations and our chief pilot, to express my satisfaction and in the future we plan to send all of our pilots here for initial and recurrent training.


James P. Munch

Charter Pilot, Carver Aero, Inc.

We want to thank Dave Rosebraugh for those hours in the simulator. That was truly a new experience. Some of us cut our teeth on the ancient link trainer, and wonder now how we could have learned anything in that old link. I guess that’s why we used to do our best to avoid IFR.

Better trainers came along over the years, but this Frasca 142 goes beyond being a trainer. It really is simulation, giving one training and realistic experience. Where else could you find a fuel truck on the runway just as you line up to depart, have your altitude gyro tumble, or virtually break thru a stratus ceiling in conditions of 300 ft. & 1/2 mile. It is as close to actual as you can get and not break your neck if you failed to pay attention or do it right.

We are recommending to our friends that even if they are not going for a rating, the experience you get in this simulator may be just what is needed to show you what can happen if you’re not alert or you think you can beat the weather.

Thanks again.


Jim Schultz

President , EAA Chapter 15, Inc.